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I thought you all know what Lucky Old me this afternoon. I have the day as the weather was great here, so I decided that a walk n local dogging location was fine. I would be in the different views in recent years and only success, but with the sun on a beautiful day, was optimistic. I parked the car in the rest area where there are already 20 or more cars and trucks on the road and off to the shore. There are some serious wood downstream a little further and think that s the best starting point for the search. I could see the usual comings and goings of people in and out of the clear before the n to me, carried out on foot. A little later I met a young woman with more than 3 guys see also poguide on a fallen log. When he saw me coming, tense, waiting for me to pass. I knew waited until I was out of sight before she went to look for work, so I went as fast as co I nuld by a small bridge to get across the river and down to the other side to find clear vision to see their dirty business. I got where I could see, and ducked behind some thick cover of ferns. He looked across the river, just 20 meters wide to see me, she stood into a tree with its top down vest around his waist and pulled poguide out two daring boys sucking their poguide breasts. the third man was busy licking between her legs. I was hard as a poguide rock, so I stuck my cock and pulling for all he was worth s. The man between her legs, stood up and kissed her while the other jumped out of his place between her legs. A then leaned over and kissed her lightly took a cock in her mouth. I was about to explode, so I close my eyes and went back all over my hand and stomach. I just took as I ordered, as he turned around after getting beaten all 3 of the boys. Once you have completed the 3 guys took their breadts and was so bold as brass, without a word spoken, the wife of s. She put her clothes and went straight down the slope toward the bridge that was crossed. I figured if it was fast, he could pass and run the risk of recurrence. So I ran to slow down on the bridge as I approached. I could see his arrival at the intersection, so calm down and approached me casually. When I reached the halfway point I leaned over the railing of the bridge and waited for his arrival. I had no idea what I was saying, and my heart beat. When I was around I turned and whispered, 'Hello, good day is not yet there. ' I was poguide waiting for an answer when he came to say something and leaned on the railing, he or river with me. She looked down into the river below, did not look at me and said, ' Did you have a straw. ' I said ' baby, yeah, we're ready to go home now?'
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